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  CASE 52


3-year-old female Golden Retriever



3-month duration right rear limb lameness.



On palpation there is cranial drawer motion indicative of a torn cranial cruciate ligament in this leg.



Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) was performed.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thank you to Dr. Joe Landers, Heritage Veterinary Hospital, for this referral.



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Figure 1

Preoperative measurement of the tibial plateau angle is 25. With the 24 mm biradial saw blade, a rotation of 8.25 mm is required.

Figure 2

Immediate postop, lateral view, showing the Slocum right TPLO plate in place. Angle of the tibial plateau is now 5.

Figure 3

AP view postop of the right stifle, post-TPLO.